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Maroon and White


WE ARE NOW IMPLEMENTING OUR NEW MEMBERSHIP SYSTEM. With this system, you will be able to pay for your membership AND other events, including the Raider Sports Journal Ad, the Award Dinners, etc. Please click HERE to go to our new membership system.

•  If you have questions, please email our membership committee at [email protected]

Maroon & White - WHO WE ARE...

Maroon & White is the parent booster organization that supports and encourages athletics at Scarsdale High School. Maroon & White continues to play a vital role in supporting athletic programs at Scarsdale High School through the recognition of student athletes and contributions to the physical education and athletic programs.

Recognition: Maroon & White organizes Fall and Winter Sports Awards Dinners and a Spring Picnic that recognize the accomplishments of athletes, coaches and managers who participate on interscholastic sports teams. Maroon & White also sponsors Raider Pride Week in the fall and spring, the annual Kari Pizzitola Holiday Basketball Tournament during the winter, and provides support to other tournaments and activities.

Contributions: Over the years, Maroon & White has donated items not funded by the school budget that have enriched the physical education program and enhanced the athletic facilities for all Scarsdale High School students. Recent gifts include:

Scarsdale outdoor                flag fitness center equipment         athletic training machines

safety mats                         portable defibrillators                     scoreboards and shot clocks

team chairs and benches      end zone nets and goals                 track and field equipment

vintage photo display           ball machines                                video/communication system

Maroon & White also sponsors several scholarships for graduating seniors, and contributes funds for several team tournaments.

A major source of funding for Maroon & White comes from membership dues. We hope that you will choose to support our efforts by becoming a member of Maroon & White. Your membership supports Maroon & White activities, athletic program gifting, and entitles you to discounted admission to the Sports Awards Dinners. Member names are also included in the Sports Journal which is distributed three times yearly.


David Glickman, M&W Membership Chair

Kathy Coleman and John McCann, M&W Presidents