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Maroon and White

Fall Dinner Questions and Answers


We have been receiving some questions about the Fall Awards Dinner. We hope that by sharing the following Q & A we will clarify the purpose and the procedure of the event.

Q: Are parents supposed to attend the Awards Dinner or is it just for the athletes?

A: The dinner is most definitely for parents as well as athletes! Most athletes' parents attend. The dinner is an opportunity for all of us to come together as a community to recognize our athletes' dedication. During the dinner, which is also attended by distinguished members of the school faculty and Board of Education, each coach speaks about their team's accomplishments and applauds certain athletes for their outstanding contributions as leaders, scholars and team members.

Q: Do both athletes and parents have to pay for their dinners?

A: No, the athletes are paid for by Maroon & White. Only parents must pay for their dinners. By attending and paying for their dinners, parents are helping Maroon & White cover the costs of the athletes' dinners. Parents can further support our athletes by paying to become members of Maroon & White which entitles them to a discount for both the fall and winter dinners.

Q: Do parents and athletes to sit together?

A: No, the athletes sit with their teammates, and parents sit at separate tables with other parents of athletes on the same team.

Q; Are there photographs of the event?

A: The only professional photographs are of all senior athletes. Seniors please arrive by 5:15 for photos. There may be some photographs but if you would like to take photos please feel free to bring cameras.

We hope that all parents of our fall athletes will attend this wonderful celebration!