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Maroon and White

Executive Board


Kate Conlan and Kevin Hoey


Chris Saenger


Kerry Walker


Deb Franco

Sports Journal

Wendy Gendel

Board Members

Wayne Aaron

Meridith Alin

David Alin

Jill Andruss

Jim Andruss

Rebecca Ankeney

Shane Ankeney

Christine Bensche

John Bensche

Melissa Berridge

Eric Berridge

Stacey Cahaly

Greg Cahaly

Eileen Callahan

Tim Callahan

Kate Carnicelli

Jamie Carnicelli

Anita Carroll

Pat Carroll

Kate Conlan

Matt Conlan

Tom Des Champs

Lorraine Feldman

Joe Feldman

Debra Franco

Vincent Franco

Amy Frank

Mark Frank

Wendy Gendel

Jeff Gendel

Anne George

Mike George

Jennifer Glantz

Josh Glantz

Tara Greco

JC Greco

Sloan Greenspan

David Greenspan

Jen Gross

Adam Gross

Amy Hirschhorn

Doug Hirschhorn

Rose Hoey

Kevin Hoey

Tara Jacobson

Eric Jacobson

Jenn Love

Jon Love

Vanessa Mandel

Mark Mandel

Jeanne Maroney

Stephen Maroney

Sherrie Matusz

Dave Matusz

Jennifer Meyer

Eileen Nicholas

Steve Nicholas

Ray Pappalardi

Susie Quill

Bill Quill

Helene Quirk

Jeff Quirk

Diane Rolfe

Bryan Rolfe

Maryellen Saenger

Chris Saenger

Rachel Salazar

Bob Salazar

Beth Schettino

Ivan Schettino

Lesley Shearer

Rich Shearer

Susan Vibbert

Don Vibbert

Kerry Walker

Brian Walker

Angela Waterhouse

Kevin Waterhouse

Eva Wilson

Harry Wilson

Karyn Zeldman

The IRS recognizes Maroon & White as a 501c3 public charity. To request a letter stating this for tax purposes, click here