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Maroon and White

Maroon & White Supports ALL Teams and Athletes at SHS

Maroon and White, in our 53nd year, provides funds to purchase necessary equipment for the high school and middle school athletic teams and physical education programs not covered by the current year School budget.

Here are a few examples of what Maroon and White has donated in recent years:

-$200,000 gift to the new High School Fitness/Wellness Center

-$100,000 gift to the new High School Fitness/Wellness Center

-Significant pledge towards the addition of lights to a school field

-PE: flexible volleyball net system for gyms

-Funding for coach training

-Field-based, networked camera system for practice and game review

-Baseball: dugout benches, batting cage, and pitching machine

-Gymnastics: uneven bars and vault padding

-Wrestling: mat and table score/time clocks

-Ski team: radio helmets and racing poles

-Swimming: timing and pace clocks

-PE: SMS recumbent bike

-Volleyball: skill machine, t-shirts for playoffs

-Game scoreboard fields

-PE program: SHS rollerblades and helmets

-Track and Field: pole vaulting landing system, hurdles, team pop-up tent

-Lacrosse: helmets, goals and nets, and agility ladders